Five Star Résumé Services

"Star Quality Is The Ability That Shines Within Us All"

At Five Star Résumés I personally believe ' the best thing you can invest in is yourself '.

Gone are the days when just having experience in a particular job was enough to get you by. Currently in Australia there are 750,000 people applying for only 150,000 jobs with 26,000 unemployed people on the Gold Coast, Queensland alone. Needless to say your competition is fierce.

So you need to 'Get Certified!'

There are so many quick, easy, affordable, tax deductible training methods available today. There are a large amount of RTO's (Registered Training Organisations) available to train with. Some are reputable - some are not - feel free to ring/sms me at anytime if you have questions regarding a Training Organisations reputation on

Mobile: 0413 273 278 or Business: 07 5559 5511.

You are only limited by your imagination as to what you can train in - be it building on your current skill base or preparing for a complete career change.

For those people who are experienced but who don't have appropriate Certifications, you can now be saved by RPL: Recognition of Prior Learning. This process can be as simple as talking with an RPL Consultant who will ascertain that you 'know your stuff'.