Five Star Résumé Services

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At Five Star Résumé Services I receive many testimonials from happy and successful clients. I have no wish to brag, but thought you might find some of their stories interesting. Here are just a few......

"....Just to let you know I applied for a position as an Administration Assistant with the Qld Government and there were 880 applicants! I made it to the interview and final cut and got the job, the Selection Panel said it was the best résumé they had ever seen. So thank you, I appreciate your efforts and now have the job of my dreams and, thanks to you, a much bigger and better income – I will be telling all my friends about you! Many, many thanks....."

Lenore McKenzie

Clifton Street, Robina Qld 4226

“….I needed to write an application to get into Bond Uni and had no idea how to go about it. I saw your ad in the Gold Coast Sun and am so glad I rang you. Bond accepted my application and you have saved me $15,000 so I don’t have to do a bridging course, I am so grateful and wouldn’t have made it without you and those interview tips you gave me. Thank you, I’ve told all my Uni mates about you so they’ll all come and see you too…..”

Barry Ludeman

Colombo Court, Carrara Qld 4211

“…...returning to the workforce after 5 years off raising a family was very scary for me. Thank you for my brilliant résumé, I am thrilled and thank you for all your advice on interview questions, what to wear and how to email applications with attachments. I’m so grateful for all your professional help. I went for an interview 3 days ago and did what you told me, they have just rung to say that I got the job….Yip Yip and thank you so very much……”

Pam Byrne

Warrington Street, Ormeau Qld 4208

"....As you know I applied for a position with Centrelink, Queensland as a Customer Service Officer and had to supply a Cover Letter, Résumé and Selection Criteria. I'm so glad I came to see you as I didn't even understand the Selection Criteria questions, let alone know how to answer them. To have all that done for me was fantastic and your answers were brilliant. Anyway I got a telephone interview, followed by a group interview in which I had to do a role play (so thanks for the tips) and I start in my new job next week. By the way, apparently there were 362 applications and the Selection Panel all said my Résumé was outstanding. I just felt the need to put my sincere thanks in writing as you have literally 'changed my life'.......


Leon Smithfield

Rubicon Street, Burleigh Heads Qld 4220

"...Oh my God, I don't believe it - I got the job! But I wouldn't have if I didn't make an appointment with you guys. I would have totally stuffed the interview without knowing about your 'interview techniques and tips'. I'm so grateful. I was so scared, but I focused and did everything that you told me to do, including the handshakes going in and at the end. I asked the 'right' questions and had practised my answers to their questions just like you showed me. I am really proud of myself but know that all the credit really goes to you, so THANK YOU, THANK YOU, - I'm telling EVERYONE ABOUT YOU!...."

Robbie Blackmore

Hawthorne Crescent, Pottsville NSW 2489